Watland Billing Consultants

About WBC

Watland Billing Consultants, LLC a Nevada S Corp, is a company that has been developed out of the necessity for physician and medical groups to have a value added reimbursement company that looks at the needs of their clients first.  The founders Mike and Cindy Watland have the experience and dedication to understand that poor service is intolerable.  The philosophy that Watland Billing Consultants, LLC utilizes to maximize client revenues is essential to the success of the company for the long term!

Watland Billing Consultants is headquartered in Reno, NV and has provided excellent full service medical billing and consulting services for the Nevada and California market since operations began in June 1999.  Since that time Watland Billing has had experience in billing in several states throughout the United States.  In the 13+ years Watland Billing has been providing billing service to its clients, the goals of the company have been reached because of the commitment of first satisfying the goals of our clients.  Watland Billing has experienced substantial annual growth by exceeding the expectations of its clients, creating a higher standard than our clients have experienced in the past.  As a result, our clients are often our marketing team allowing us to focus on continuing to improve our service.  

In 2012 Watland Billing Consultants CA Inc started a billing operation in San Diego California.  WBC CA Inc operates to satisfy the Southern California Region.  The San Diego operation is also fully staffed and independently has a staff that averages 15 - 20 years of billing experience.
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